Denver Jacks


Colorado's Preeminent Men's J/O Club


All who attend club events must become members and must:

  • Be at least 18 years or older.

  • Be biological born male.

  • Complete the Membership Application & Agreement.

  • Completed all series of Covid-19 vaccinations.

  • Present valid government issued, PHOTO identification.

$ 40

Annual Membership

Paid once every 12 months from signup date, includes dues for first event.

$ 12

Member Dues

Paid per event attended during annual membership.

$ 20

Day Pass

No annual membership required, great for out of town guests.

We accept CASH  & VENMO ONLY, no credit/debit cards.

Denver Jacks does not screen member for any subjective traits such as age, race, ethnicity, body type, fitness level, sexual orientation or ‘perceived’ sexual orientation.


We encourage all men to participate.  We treat each other with mutual respect and care, as we would a brother.  Cruelty will not be tolerated.


Denver Jacks NEVER asks members to be recorded or photographed in order to participate in club activities, your privacy is always at the core of our priorities.



1PM - 4PM
Doors 1p-2p only.

1PM - 4PM
Doors 1p-2p only.

TUES 14th
7PM - 10PM
Doors 7p-8p only.

12PM - 2PM
Doors Anytime.


Check-In is open for the first 60 minuets of each event.  You must arrive during check in only, there are
so please arrive on-time.
**LunchMeat events have NO check in time restraints and you can arrive anytime during the scheduled event.


Club Rules

No Lips Below The Hips

  • Masturbation only.

  • Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.

  • DO: Masturbate self, show off, watch, touch others with consent.

  • DON’T: Oral sex, anal contact, docking or anything without consent.

  • Everyone strips naked or to underwear, a jock or T-shirt.

  • Cum verbally, with words. Get consent before cumming on others.

  • Ask First. Say “May I?” before touching another member’s penis.

  • Never attend when sick.

  • Never bring alcohol /drugs and don’t show up intoxicated.

  • Be clean. Wash hands. Use mouthwash. Do not wear fragrance.

  • Chat quietly. Don’t distract others with loud, un-sexy talking.

Everyone must agree to all club rules, please read them over before deciding to attend.


Is This Legal ?

YES. We have consulted with Colorado licensed legal counsel and none of our activities are unlawful. As a private club, our activies are legal when done in private by consenting adults. We only accept dues to share expenses related to club maintenance, and no participants are being paid to engage in any activities.


What to Expect

Unsure or Uneasy....

We believe that there is nothing more natural for any man than to enjoy stroking his penis. We enjoy it freely, with pride and zero inhibitions.


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