JO Clubs around the US and the world

Rain City Jacks

Seattle, WA, USA

Stumptown Strokers

Portland, OR, USA

New York Jacks


SF Jacks

San Francisco, CA, USA

New Jersey Jacks

Englewood, NJ, USA

Cleveland Jacks

Cleveland, OH, USA

Twin Cities Jacks

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA

Kansas City Jacks

Kansas City, MO, USA

Philadelphia Jacks

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Daburgh Jacks

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Orlando Jacks

Orlando, FL, USA

Music City Jacks

Nashville, TN, USA

Melbourne Wankers

Melbourne, Austrailia

Club Stroke

Melbourne, Austrailia

Toronto Jacks

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Calgary Jacks

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

London Jacks

London, England

Amsterdam Jacks

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Munich Jacks

Munich, Germany

Motor City Jacks

Detroit, MI, USA




Buddy Bate


Healthy Friction

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